People On Horses® jeweled browbands have been handcrafted in the USA since 1998 and first worn in international competition in 2003. We use hand cut top grain designer leather with a soft rich garment designer leather liner. The top grain designer colors are a drum dyed leather featuring a smooth fully pigmented grain and lightly buffed color flesh side.  We offer the browbands in single ear, straight, wave and V shaped configurations.  We generally combine jewelry designs in the V configuration to create the point in the V.  We are happy to assist in creating your V design with you.  To measure your browband, take a tape measure and place it at the end of your left end loop.  Measure around the browband flattening it as you go to the end of the right end loop.  If you like the way your current browband fits, that measurement will be the size of your browband.  If you feel your current browband is too small or too large, you may add or subtract length to the measurement for the perfect fit. The standard Horse Size browband measures 16" in length and 7/8" in width.  The standard end loop of 1 3/4" fits most snaffle and double bridles. Vespucci bridles typically require a 2" end loop.  We also offer a split end loop configuration for rolled bridles.  Feel free to contact us directly with sizing questions.  Click on a browband design below and you will see the available jewelry colors and configurations for that particular design.