Sheepskin Lined Horse Boots (pair)

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Please note, this is not an exact representation of your combination as colors do vary depending on the monitor or screen they are viewed from. Feel free to contact us with any color match questions prior to ordering.

People On Horses presents sheepskin-lined horse boots. Choose from a variety of color combinations. Sheepskin is an ideal material to provide shock absorption, temperature balance and relief from friction and pressure points. By allowing air to circulate between the hair and the leather of the sheepskin, the sheepskin forms a protective air cushion that also balances the temperature and prevents moisture seeking mold from propagating.  We use actual sheepskin, insert a 3 millimeter layer of SBR® (a neoprene™ like material) for additional protection and finish with a double layer of vinyl and triple stitched at the fetlock area.  We offer black, golden and natural sheepskin.  The natural sheepskin can vary in color and occasionally have a black spot on it which is the natural fleece of the sheep.

$109.00 is per pair.